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Hi! My name is Jonathan "Tijo" Gaucher, I'm the original Founder & Lead Evangelist of Arcane Bear & this channels current youtube host. What's Arcane Bear? Arcane bear is a collection of blockchain centric solutions that have real-world applications using community collaboration. What will I see on the channel? Will be interviewing exciting talents around the world currently in the Cryptocurrency space & then will be venturing out into delivering alternative media news. Disclaimer: All of this media advertised through this channel is presented for entertainment/analysis purposes ONLY, you MUST do YOUR OWN due diligence before investing in ANY Cryptocurrency or digital assets; Understand the Risks. You accept by subscribing to this channel that I Jonathan "Tijo" Gaucher or the Arcane Bear will take no responsibility for any physical or digital loss due to information we release or think is positive or negative.

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