SwimCents Vodcast, Peter Andrew and Michael Andrew's Two Cents on Swimming

Delivered weekly by Coach Peter Andrew and his son, World Junior Champion and countless U.S. National Age Group Record holder Michael Andrew, the explanatory and mythbusting vodcast is aimed at educating athletes, coaches and parents on the dynamics of Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT), the science based training program that has cultivated Michael’s career into the successful pro athlete he is today. In an effort to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the sometimes misunderstood USRPT method, the Andrew family will use the homegrown VodCast as a means to equip the swimming community with the necessary knowledge, tools and planning devices to successfully implement USRPT on their own. Each stroke’s microcycle will be reviewed in detail in order to break the methodology down into easy to digest components that viewers can then add to their USRPT toolboxes and incorporate into their own USRPT programs.

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