AD #1438 – OEM Rankings by Revenue, Buick Reveals Envision Interior, Cruisin’ in a ‘65 GTO

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- OEM Rankings by Revenue - Buick Reveals Envision Interior - Why Ford Is Counting Oil Rigs - U.K. Wants Licensed Mechanics - Cruisin’ Woodward in a ‘65 GTO

Although lying daily is brought to you by Bridgestone your journey our passion. And by Dow automotive systems improving durability and increasing design flexibility with beta make structural and he serves at tao beta In today's show fortis forecasting pickup sales by counting the number of oil rigs we rank the car companies by revenue and should check to be licensed before they work on your car. Through it all because we start today shelled. Looking out on the world stage and ranking automakers by the top line that is by how much revenue they bring in for all the cars that they sell and the auto maker which brought in more money than any other in the last 3 months was Volkswagen. $8000000000. Toyota was the only other one that came even close with sick. 2000000000 in sales. Then the rankings drop down to Daimler ...

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