ScienceCast 159: Sizing up an Exoplanet

published 6 years ago

Sizing up an exoplanet presented my science at NASA. Nearly 30 years ago the only planets astronomers had found were located right here in our own solar system. The Milky Way is chock full of stars millions of them similar to our own sun yet the tally of known worlds and other star systems was exactly 0. What a difference a few decades can make. As 2014 unfolds astronomers have not only found more than 1000 exoplanet circling distant Suns. But they're also beginning to make precise measurements of them. The old void of ignorance about exoplanets is now being filled with data precise to the second decimal place. A team led by Sarah Ballard a NASA Carl Sagan fellow with the university of Washington in Seattle recently measured the diameter of a super to within an accuracy of 148 miles total ...

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