Hope & Regime Change | Unfilter 110

published 6 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

This week Chris and Chase release a supporters only show to the public, and update the Iraq, ISIS/ISIL story, discuss the ACLU suing Washington, the big push for Botox, and why Putin shirts are selling like crazy. Plus we discuss our personal battles with depression in the past, and cover the weekly news.

. Notes. Notes now just as 40 show today. Really no notes yeah I've been under the weather and so I've been able to stay up late and collect clips and do it now. So we're just gonna why we got though. For today's episode when we got Chris. A lot going down with Iraq and ISIS again and so we will be done 2 episodes on it so we're going to a supporter shows that way the folks. Who follows supporters show will get the 411. I really should be giving this. Do you share a coke with a star. What's with the stupid thing they've been put on coke can. It works now it doesn't ...

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