Essential Home Gym Equipment Ep 113

published 6 years ago by Pamela Hernandez

Personal Trainer Pamela Hernandez shares her top pieces of essential home gym equipment.

Hi welcome to thrive personal fitness I'm Pamela Hernandez your guide on the journey to health and fitness. I got a question today that was posed to me by my better you team they want to know what the sensual gym equipment they need the half. No during the better you program they actually get a 3 month gym membership. But when the program was over they may go back to just working at home I wanna make sure they have the right stuff. So I'm gonna give you my essential pieces of gym equipment. Inexpensive but very flexible and the first one is your own body. Using your own body for exercises can be extremely challenging me think how hard push up is so you've already got the first one. Second piece of equipment is a stability ball you know the big round inflatable balls. They can substitute for a bench. And they can be useful in other course ability exercises you can use them for a lot ...

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