The 47-Year-War | Unfilter 108

published 6 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

We look at the Israel and Gaza conflict and how this current event fits in a historical context. The new NSA reforms that could truly make a difference and the recent developments at the crash site of MH17. Plus the New York Times endorses Cannabis legalization, Washington is still blowing and more!

This is a filter episode 108 for 7/30/2014 now we have an option not to do anything to let them continue to certain I'd I think you'd understand that's not a real option all we can act. As his surgically as is humanly possible in a very difficult combat situation when I was wearing different thing is that despite the most sophisticated weaponry in the whole of the Middle East. You have proved a very serious point. You do not have the capacity. You cannot forensically attack an urban area without killing women and children ergo you have factored in that you will kill children and women ...

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