Rob Cheyne, SourceBoston - Paul's Security Weekly #553

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Rob Cheyne is a highly regarded technologist, trainer, security expert and serial entrepreneur. He has 25 years of experience in the information technology field and has been working in information security since 1998. He joins Paul and the crew this week for an interview! Full Show Notes: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter:

This week rob chain from source conference will join us talk about the upcoming Boston event for source conference our technical segment for this evening we're gonna talk about cutting the cord in no not after wife is given birth I cut 3 those chords by the way which is a lot of fun but a different kind of cutting the cord at home and more about the ideal home network set up really because our listeners asked us for this segment out so I put together the first in what could be a series of segments where everyone's while we take a little break from network security I'm sure of a security spin on it and talk about setting up your home network and being able to cut the cord. Now in the security news this week Atlanta is in some big trouble in terms of being hacked if you're running Drupal or Cisco routers you probably want to pay attention and apple mac OS bug reveals your password met Larry ...

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