Freedom in Forgiveness

published 5 years ago by Jerry Savelle Ministries

Have you ever been in a traffic jam and unable to move forward? Finally you pass through major road construction. Holding on to unforgiveness works the same way by delaying the progress God has for you. Join Jerry Savelle and his daughters, Jerriann and Terri, as they share about finding your freedom through forgiveness.

Hello everyone thank you for joining us today we're excited about today's broadcast the lesson is going to be absolutely amazing and I am appreciative of you joining with us and especially those of you that are partners with this ministry thank you so very much for your faithfulness for your offerings your contributions your prayers this ministry is a grateful ministry we know we would be able to do all that god has called us to do if it wasn't for fatal partners thank you so very much and for those of you that are just joining us . The last couple weeks I've had my daughter Jerry and then my daughter Terry both on the broadcast with me and we've been to ...

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