Tracking Security Innovation - Business Security Weekly #79

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Tenable hires Morgan Stanley, Sift Science raised $53M Series D, and Virsec raised $24M Series B. This segment is about the companies making news with founding rounds, exits, and other impacts you need to know about in the industry. Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!

All right it's time to track some security innovation yeah this is all we talk about it's the innovation news of the week where we're looking at IPOs we're looking at exits were looking at funding rounds looking at launches a new companies these are the people trying to solve problems that are in the of the security space and we try to take a look at it we got 3 this week we're talk about me remind you first the social engineering Rhode Island ticket sales are open if you want to go to the social engineering running conferences Saturday June 6 the Selby Regina university Newport Rhode Island if you go to HTTP S. E. - R. you too can register and I check out all the content so Paul you but you've been on the circuit so when we talk about innovation any talk about looking at start ups right here like we're we're gonna break down where all they are how much of this do you bring I knows you when you're not but some of the shows we talk to people you know will say well hold on to graduations ...

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