ScienceCast 154: One Year to Pluto

published 6 years ago

When you do Pluto presented by science at NASA. In July 2015 NASA will discover a New World. No one knows what to expect when the alien landscape comes into focus. There could be I see geysers. Towering mountains deep valleys even planetary rings. At this point only one thing is certain. Its name is Pluto. On 7/14/2015 NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will make a close flyby of that distant world. Because Pluto was never been visited up close by spacecraft from earth everything we see will be a first says Adriano compo the program executive for NASA's new frontiers program at NASA headquarters. I know this will be an astonishing experience full of history making moments. The mission's principal investigator Alan stern of the southwest research institute has likened the weight New Horizons will revolutionize ...

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