The Goodness of God #2

published 5 years ago by Jerry Savelle Ministries

How do you feel about God? Is He angry, ready to punish you? Is He distant, not caring about you? In this program Jerry Savelle will show you what God really thinks about you and how He wants to bring good to you.

Hello everyone thank you for joining us today we're excited about today's broadcast not trust you have a few moments that you can give us so that we can impart some powerful teaching into your life we'll be talking about the goodness of god how do you can experience it every day if you live in Oteri when I talk about the goodness of god it just thrills me because it's a story my life god has been so good to me to our family and he wants everybody in the world to know that he is a good guy yeah but you know you've title stab team not only . Claire that out of our miles but expected in our lives ...

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