What's NEW in Adobe Photoshop CC for 2014 - June?

published 6 years ago

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV I'll show you the new features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. 

Hello and welcome to a new episode of adobe critic cloud TV my name is Terry white and in a sub so we could take a look at the brand new. And they've been waiting for it Photoshop CC 2014. That's right Photoshop keeps getting updates along the way that's the promise of creative clout but it's time to take the wraps off a new version number. In other words under the hood it's really Photoshop. CC 15 or Photoshop if teen if Yorktown our back to Polish up 1.. So Photoshop CC which came out last year was version 14. And it ended I think with 14.to.1 was the latest version of it but now it's Photoshop CC 2014 which again under the hood is 15. And at that point. Let's go ahead and see what's new in this version. So let's go in. And let's start with something a product fixing a problem that we had before ...

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