What's NEW in Adobe InDesign CC for 2014 - June?

published 6 years ago

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV I'll show you what's new In Adobe InDesign CC 2014 in the June 2014 update. See the big new feature of Fixed Layout ePUB export plus other enhancement.

Hello and welcome to new up suitable to be critical TV my name is Terry white in this update we're gonna take a look at. What's new in adobe InDesign. I see 2014. Well one of the first things you notice is that when you launch the application if you had a previous versions tall X. CC. Horror asieh 6 it will now do a seamless update. That's right as you can just see it brought over my previous presets in settings. From InDesign CC so that way I can get started right away with everything the way it just where I left it in the previous version so that's the first new thing. Next thing we'll take a look at an end design CC 2014 is enhanced support for tables. So we're in a souvenir booklet ominous gonna go and jump to the next page which is page 2. And there were a jumble to page 3 which has a table on it. Now this is a nicely designed table of photographs in the first column ...

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