Lightroom Mobile for iPhone

published 6 years ago

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV we'll take the wraps off the updated Lightroom Mobile which now supports iPhone in addition to iPad. Sync Collections and make non-destructive adjustments on the go. Shoot with your iPhone and have the full resolution photos waiting for you when you get back to your computer in Lightroom. 

Hello and welcome to a new episode of to be critical out TV my name is Terry white and the sub Saddam excited to take another look at like one mobile mass you might remember lightly mobile now allows you to. Specify which collections you want to sync up to the cloud and then down to your mobile device. Well up until now that just was not just dry Pat. Starting today we have the ability to also do it on my phone. Because we're introducing like one mobile for iPhone as well so here's how the process works. As you might remember you can go in light room 54 or higher to use what were mobile now starting with 55 we've added a couple new things. Our first of all you still go in and check off which collections you want to sync. With light room mobile so I got this panel of canyon collection sent I got an iPhone photography collection think then of course my portfolio ...

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