The Goodness of God #1

published 6 years ago by Jerry Savelle Ministries

How do you feel about God? Is He angry, ready to punish you? Is He distant, not caring about you? In this program Jerry Savelle will show you what God really thinks about you and how He wants to bring good to you.

Hello everyone and welcome to our broadcast today we're so glad and pleased that you've joined us and tearing I have some great things exciting things to share with you today so give us a few moments of your time and I believe that it's going to be profitable to you Terry we're gonna be talking about the goodness of god Harnick followed at your peak through your notes yesterday and I was like I can't wait to hear that you got you excited already alright good deal in fact that I wanna stay real quick I love when we hear from our partners in dealers just to hear the goodness of god and their allies that is not god's no respect a person and so I want to share this with the lesson today from pay because Texans it says your TV ...

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