ScienceCast 148: Rosetta Comet Comes Alive

published 6 years ago

Rosetta comet comes alive presented by science at NASA. The spacecraft from earth is about to do something no spacecraft has ever done before orbit a comet and land on its surface. Right now the European space agency's Rosetta probe is hurtling toward comet 67 P. sure you Murphy you're assuming that. This spacecraft mission is to study the comet at close range as it transforms from a quite negative vice in rock frozen solid by year spin in deep space. To a sun warmed Dynamo. Spewing jets of gas and dust into a magnificently involving tale. News flash the metamorphosis has begun. Comet 67 P. is coming alive says Claudia Alexander project scientist for the US Rosetta project at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It is even more active ...

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