ScienceCast 147: The Milky Way is Not Just a Refrigerator Magnet

published 6 years ago

Milky Way is not just a refrigerator magnet presented by science at NASA. Every person on earth lives inside a magnetic field. Springing from the core of our planet lines of magnetic force wrap around the globe deflecting compass needles guiding pigeons protecting us from cosmic rays and solar storms. Meanwhile earth moves through an even larger magnetic field that of the sun. Massive currents flowing beneath the solar surface give rise to a vast magnetic bubble that envelopes every planet in the solar system. When NASA sent the Voyager probes to find to the edge of the sun's magnetic field it took them nearly 40 years to get there. Turns out that's nothing. Researchers working with data from the European space agency's Planck spacecraft have mapped the magnetic field of the entire galaxy. The milk ...

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