Inside the West Region: Michigan

published 4 days ago by Big Ten Network

A look at the West Region bracket and what's ahead for the Wolverines.

The west ridge we're gonna find it too big 10 teams let's start with the team that I think got the most difficult draw of any of the 4 teams from the Big 10 Conference and that's the Ohio State Buckeyes lately the South Dakota state jackrabbits out of the summit league and have a big time player Mike dom who averages a double double as well as a a quick point guard in David J. because this is a very difficult match up for the Ohio State Buckeyes in the west now Michigan Wolverines after winning 4 games in 4 days in New York City playing as well with a great deal of confidence coming in to their opening round match up versus Montana very talented back court for the Grizzlies but I think this is an opportunity permission to continue to move forward much like Michigan state has struggled playing again zone defense is the one area of concern for Michigan really kind of parked with we've seen them in the past they've struggled to thou shalt is specially the point guard Xavier Simpson Charles Manson Simpson under 50 percent from the foul line math is right around 53 percent I think their ability ...

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