NSA: Collect it All! | Unfilter 97

published 7 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

The release of Glenn Greenwald’s new book has brought a wave of new NSA revelations. We’ll focuses in on the major ones, and discuss the broader context of these revelations. Then all sides of the Ukraine conflict turn to dirty tactics, Colorado has a solution to their Cannabis banking problem, and much more!

This is unfiltered episode 97 for 5/14/2014 a secret surveillance program that international manhunt is on tonight the most wanted man in the world for Edward Snowden it may go down as the most famous whistleblower of our time and now than internal NSA newsletter brags that shipments of computer routers and servers headed all over the world are intercepted by the NSA and redirected to a secret location so they can implant surveillance devices. Hi everyone and welcome to unfiltered episode 90 so. Broadcasting. So this. From all of that T.. You. Shouldn't be watching. My name is Chris and join me everything ...

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