Photo History – Class 15 – Photograph as Document, Concept as Photograph

published 6 years ago by Jeff Curto

The 15th and final class session examines documentary and conceptual photography, looking at the motivation and rationale behind them. We also try to tie up the ideas of the course with some concluding remarks. Slides for this class session Handouts for this class session Jeff’s other podcast, Camera Position Italy Photography Workshops

My this is professor of photography Jeff Curto and welcome to the fifteenth and final class session of history of photography. The fifteenth class session looks set to move seemingly divergent topics. Conceptual photography and first documentary photography. Looking at the photograph as a document of events and places and people. And then also looking at the world of conceptual image making and in fact we try to draw a few parallels between these 2 divergent paths. So here we are joining our class in progress. Today's topic photograph is document concept is supposed to separate topics. That are in some ways have come together a little bit of talking about documentary could ...

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