Seyran Ates: 'It seems I’m destined to survive'

published 2 years ago by DW.COM | Deutsche Welle

Lawyer and imam Seyran Ates founded the liberal Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque in Berlin. Men and women and Muslims of different orientations can pray there together. But Ates has received thousands of hate mails and death threats. She was fortunate to survive an attack in 1984, but has continued to fight for human rights and the rights of women. What makes her so courageous?

7 artists Serrano Tisch is a Muslim lawyer and feminist this makes her the enemy of many conservative Islamic men. An artist I'd like to talk to you about Islam and women welcome to the Deutsche Avella interview Colin has become some TV interview. Good hello Mister Spahn fathers is it Misato schmaltz you've received several death threats as a result you've been under police protection for years. Sure everyday life like can you still leave the house to go shopping. Yeah S. is well that's how it is I consciously the house and go shopping on my own knowledge but there's a positive side of if it weren't for police protection I wouldn't be able to do my work controls countrymen and unfortunately it seems that without police protection you calm voice your opinion not even in Germany final written often touched on this when this engine ...

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