PhishMe, Splunk, & CyberX - Business Security Weekly #76

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

In the news, PhishMe acquired for $400M, Splunk acquires Phantom Cybersecurity for $350M, CyberX raised $18M Series B, and more on this episode of Business Security Weekly! Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!

All right so keep part of tracking the business of security is taking a look at innovation taking on the company's the start ups the ones are getting funded the ones that it exiting thing exists this week right to the exit is when the company is sold out for I guess when they get acquired or they no longer exist our idea here's a look at the stuff that as a security leader today you need to be paying attention to both in terms of the companies themselves the size of the rounds where they're at a great conversation last week with Willin and we got a chance to talk about how to size and look at some of these types of things and how that helps and will is going to come back in a couple weeks and join us again and talk about some things as a security leader that you can do with some of these companies and and ways to help so the 2 big ones this week Paul a fish me acquired for $400000000 and **** quiet phantom cyber security for $350000000 he spoke huge exits the great multiples good wins for everybody all the ...

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