Photo History – Class 14 – Szarkowski: How To See

published 7 years ago by Jeff Curto

During his 29-year tenure as Director of the photography department at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the great curator and photographer John Szarkowski (1925 to 2007) changed the way the world saw photography. This short class session introduces Szarkowski’s work and was followed by a film about him. Slides for this class … Continue reading Photo History – Class 14 – Szarkowski: How To See →

Hi this is professor of photography Jeff Curto and welcome. Class session number 14 of history of photography. It's class session quite a bit shorter than the previous class sessions we talked briefly about the great photographer curator writer. About photography Johns are kowski. And then the students in class watched. Great film about circus can only the lake. To that film in. Podcast duh. Show notes. That photo history.Jeff So here we are joining our class in progress. House key and how to see. So over the next just very few minutes I'm gonna try to answer this question. Which is. What are the following put ...

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