5 Hidden Gems in Adobe Lightroom 5

published 5 years ago

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV Terry White uncovers 5+ Hidden Gems in Lightroom 5. See some tips and tricks.

Hello and welcome to New York suited to be critical TV my name's Terry white and and the subs are run tickle kept at least 5 hidden gems inside adobe Lightroom 5 know what reason I say at least 5 Republican to show you a couple actual. So. Bah why room 5 has some great new features in the course some of these hidden gems are new delight 15 but I'm gonna show you a few that were just an existing versions what room that again are hidden gems that people just sometimes don't realize a bear or how to take advantage up so let's go and jump right in and I'll show you which ones are enlightened Farben course which ones were in previous versions. So the first 1 is actually noodle at 15 minutes away but or the change in the the way the F. key works fullscreen aft. So that's a new feature actually when I hit the letter F. now in light with 5 it actually takes my image full screen gets rid of the interface completely and makes the images largest my display ...

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