Photo History – Class 13 – The Atomic Age and New Frontiers

published 6 years ago by Jeff Curto

The middle of the 20th century was a time of tremendous change in all areas of the world and especially in the world of photography. This class session looks at the changes that photography experienced during the atomic age through an examination of the cultural, political and artistic climate of the time. Slides for this … Continue reading Photo History – Class 13 – The Atomic Age and New Frontiers →

I this is professor of photography Jeff Curto and welcome to. Session number 13. A history of photography. Class session 13 deals with post war post World War 2. The talk Murphy looking at. Photography in the atomic age. Changes that photography underwent during that time. Here we are joining our class in progress. If we're gonna talk about photography and. Twentieth century the middle of the twentieth century mid twentieth century are. Of because. Mid twentieth century photography especially in America. was a very vibrant time and will love spent some time looking at. I had that in order to kind of understand where the world was ...

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