Tips for Diastasis Recti Postpartum Ep 107

published 6 years ago by Pamela Hernandez

Personal Trainer Pamela Hernandez shares some tips for diastasis recti postpartum.

Hi welcome to thrive personal fitness I'm Pamela Hernandez your guide on the journey to health and fitness. I got a Facebook question from Dana today she wanna know if I had any tips for diathesis wreck type post partum that separation in the abdominal wall that doesn't always go back together. What for something like that my first tip is always talk to your doctor personal make shirts even. Seyfried try to start exercising again and if what you're experiencing is is beyond normal your body's not healing quite the way it should they can make a referral to a specialist even a physical therapist that specializes in that sort of issue so first and foremost talk to your doctor. You can also try something after you talk to your doctor like a compression type of band like a belly bandit that wraps around can hold everything in but can help the healing process a little bit you can make sure you've got good ...

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