Unraveling Ukraine | Unfilter 94

published 6 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Unrest in Ukraine likely backed by Moscow is boiling up to critical levels this week. We’ll discuss how we are one drunken gun fight away from US and Russian troops in a full confrontation. Plus Snowden confronts Putin about spying, a weed propaganda update, and much more!

This is a filter episode 94 for 4/23/2014 United States sending Vladimir Putin of Russia a new and unmistakable message back off stand down. U. S. troops are being sent to Poland and other allies for training exercises. Moving closer to the center of the dangerous tug of war that began in you. And ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz now tells us what this means for Americans tonight Martha. Diane this is a big development tonight the U. S. has been watching every move Putin has made. Promise is less than a week ago from the Russians that they would help calm the situation in Ukraine but quite the opposite has happened and now we're moving in those troops as a message ...

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