Photo History – Class 12 – The Manipulative Impulse

published 6 years ago by Jeff Curto

Is any photograph real? This question comes up as we trace the trajectory of the manipulated image in this class session. We also try to see if we can figure out where our digital photographic age is taking us and whether we want to go there. Slides for this class session – Manipulation Handout for … Continue reading Photo History – Class 12 – The Manipulative Impulse →

I this is professor of photography Jeff Curto and welcome class session number 12 for history of photography. This class session deals with manipulated images. Taking a look at the way in which images have been altered over the time that photography has been here and certainly dipping into our twentieth and 20 first century realities of digital photography. So here we are joining our class in progress. Today's topic the past is prologue looking at the nebula of images or manipulated images. and seeing freak haven't have come to the. The digital age and just because apparently her last week or so is filled with the sweet couple weeks filled with irony Beth sent me this in the mail ...

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