You Can’t Escape Your Past

published 5 years ago by End Gang Life

End Gang Life – “You Can’t Escape Your Past” The premise of the video is to tell the story of a young man involved in the gang lifestyle. We see a flashback to 10 years prior when he was involved in a drive-by shooting. Gangsters have long memories, and actions have consequences. We fast forward to the future, where that young man is now a husband and father and on a shopping trip with his family when he is gunned down. A text message the man receives before being shot reminds him that he can’t escape his past. The CFSEU-BC wants to hammer this message home and wants gangsters to know that the violent crimes they participate in will eventually catch up to them, whether they end up going to jail or end up getting killed. It is a lifestyle in which you must always look over your shoulder.

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