Photo History – Class 11 – Women in Photography

published 7 years ago by Jeff Curto

Is anatomy destiny? This class session looks at women’s photography by examining the work of various female photographers as well as by looking at the bigger issue of whether the photographer’s gender changes the images that are made. Slides for this class session Handout for this class session

This is professor of photography Jeff Curto and welcome to class session number 11. For history of photography. Class session number 11 deals with women photographers. Women in photography looking at their particular point of view and finding out whether or not there is a particular point of view that women bring to the media. Here we are joining our class in progress where to talk specifically today about women in Qatar. And women photographers. And it's not that we've completely ignored when the photographers as we've gone along but we're kind of move them at least a little bit side and in order to cover some of the more work male practitioners but I want to circle back and make sure of that lead understand of the way and ...

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