Practice Makes Perfect: Using Technology Simulation and Standardized Patients

published 2 years ago

There are obvious challenges with skill practice in medical education. Dr. Sandrijn van Schaik looks at how simulation is used and its limits and challenges. Series: "Mini Medical School for the Public" [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 32948]

. . Good evening everybody and welcome to this many medical school of for the public session practice makes perfect using technology simulation standardized patients my name is some raving check and a professor and pediatrics at UCSF and it's a big enough children's hospital across town and also the bomb family presidential chair for experience of learning and education director for the usual September center for clinical skills percentage simulation clinical skills I initially suggested when I heard that that this is going to happen that we would do dissection across the street in the simulation center but I've forgotten about to cameras and microphones and that would have been a whole hassle so actually brought ...

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