Photo History – Class 10 – Cameras Big and Small

published 6 years ago by Jeff Curto

This week, we examine photographers using large cameras and those using small cameras and try to examine the importance of the choice of tools to the photographer. Does the tool drive the idea, or the idea drive the tool? Slides for this class session Handout for this class session

Griffey Jeff Kerr too and welcome to class session number 10 of history of photography. This class session looks at machinery looks of technology it looks at different types of cameras and explores whether or not the machine influences the photographer for the photographer influences the machine. Large format cameras and small format cameras is our topic for this week here we are joining our class in progress. Slow campers. Straight pictures. Fast cameras. Fast. So we've talked a route around the semester we talked around a couple of different things. And you know about. Sizes of cameras types of cameras and equipment so for ...

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