Dateline S2014 Ep4 - Mountain Rescue

published 7 years ago by SBS Television

With more people getting lost or injured in Scotland's mountains, meet the rescue team making the difference between life and death.

Over the years reporter Evan Williams has been to some dangerous and desolate places for dateline but rarely has the experience the kind of deep freeze that this next story exposed him to. Evans assignment took him to the Scottish Highlands to follow a crack team of mountain rescue volunteers as they battle blizzards to save the lives of climbers trapped in the snag. His Evans teeth chattering account of what he found. In a gale force winds in subzero temperatures a risk you take this being. I don't like it has plunged 250 meters. The race again. These are the unsung heroes. Scottish Highlands. Dedicated volunteers who risk their lives every day in Britain's highest ...

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