Photo History – Class 7 – Stereography and Standard Subjects

published 6 years ago by Jeff Curto

A slightly shorter class session, as we cover three smaller topics: 1) the ideas surrounding stereoscopic photography, 2) the way 19th century photographers handled photographing standard subjects; once you take away subject, what other choices do photographers have to make? and 3) Rephotography: how does subject matter change over time and what does that mean … Continue reading Photo History – Class 7 – Stereography and Standard Subjects →

Is professor of photography Jeff Kerr too and welcome to class session number 7. Of the history of photography. This class session a little shorter than most with 2 short topics. The first one stereoscopic imagery. Looking at 3 D. photographs from the nineteenth century. And their importance as a form of populist entertainment. And then also. Standard subject in photography. Looking at what happens when. Photographers photograph the same subject. And how do they make the choices that they make. Here we are joining our class in progress. We're gonna talk a little bit this afternoon about stereo photography. I end up about how it had a tremendous impact. On the growth of photography ...

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