Photo History – Class 5 – Photography as Transport + On The Road

published 6 years ago by Jeff Curto

Photography as a form of transportation is the topic for class #5. We look at how the advent of wet-plate collodion technology spurred the advance of travel and landscape photography, with a special emphasis on photography of the American west. There is also a brief exploration of 20th century photographers who went “on the road” … Continue reading Photo History – Class 5 – Photography as Transport + On The Road →

I this is professor of photography Jeff Curto and welcome to history of photography. This fifth class session deals with photography as a form of transport. Taking a look at nineteenth century photographs that traveled the world bringing distant parts of the world back to people who had never seen them before. We also take a look at some more modern forms of photography being used. Transport. And see how technology changes the way we can. See the world. Here we are joining our class in progress. They were gonna talk about photography as a form of transportation. And we're going to briefly look back at the garret typography. We'll also take a quick overview of the wet plate collodion process ...

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