Photo History – Class 4 – Light and Likeness: Portrait Photography

published 7 years ago by Jeff Curto

The 4th class meeting starts a more conceptual approach to the medium’s history. We look at 19th, 20th and some 21st century portraits and see if we can draw some conclusions about what makes a good portrait photograph. We also see if we can draw some parallels with the words and ideas of the Transcendentalist … Continue reading Photo History – Class 4 – Light and Likeness: Portrait Photography →

This is professor of photography Jeff Crito and welcome to class session. 4 of history of photography. This class session deals primarily with portrait photography. Starting in the nineteenth century and moving our way through to twentieth and some 20 first century portraits. We take a look at not only early daguerreotype band calotype photography. We also take a look at the idea of portrait photography. Try and figure out what makes a good photographic portrait. Here we are joining the class in progress. Today we're going to talk about portrait Pataki. Titled it light and likeness. And we'll talk about early portrait photography but will also a few a few other things talking about worker toddler fee. I end up a larger margin way ...

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