AD #1305 – Ferrari Sells Less, Makes More, China’s Top Ten, Lab Gas Burns Cleaner

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- VWOA Is FUBAR - Ferrari Sells Less, Makes More - China’s Top Ten - Lab Gas Burns Cleaner - Good Thing… Small Package - Bob Lutz on AAH

Although lying daily is brought to you by BorgWarner feel good about driving. Bridgestone your journey our passion and by Dow automotive systems improving durability and increasing design flexibility with beta make structural and he serves at tao beta Hello and welcome to a brand new month of outline daily thanks for tuning in today but now let's get to the news while most automakers saw sales go up last year in the U. S.. Volkswagen sales were down a. 7. That's why Volkswagens. Labor chief. Burn all star law. It's calling out management and labeling the company's U. S. operations and I quote a disaster. Reuters reports that all star law believes the group does not understand how to succeed in the U. S.. He says that VW needs more models in the American market including a pick up truck. And that view ...

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