Photo History – Class 3 – History Survey Part 2

published 7 years ago by Jeff Curto

In this second part of a two-part survey, we continue our fast trip through the history of photography, attempting to get a handle on who did what, when they did it and how it happened. We start in around 1880 and finish up in the 1990s. Slides for this class session Handouts for this class … Continue reading Photo History – Class 3 – History Survey Part 2 →

Nmsiis professor talked for 2 and welcome to. Class size. 3. Straight talk. This class session. Second part of a 2 part. Survey. Talk reviews sort of. Breakneck race through the history of the medium. Starting your. Century. Winding up in the latter part of the. So here we are joining our class in progress. I and start talking about the second half of our story. Before I start I'm going to remind you that just like last time. Today's classes a rush through the whole history don't want you to worry about the details much more interest now having a look at the big picture I don't want you to panic if we feel like we rushed past a particular thing. Because ...

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