ScienceCast 132: The Coolest Spot in the Universe

published 6 years ago

The coolest spot in the universe presented by science at NASA. Everyone knows that space is cold. In the vast Gulf between stars and galaxies the temperature of gaseous material routinely drops to 3 degrees Kelvin or 454 degrees below 0 Fahrenheit. It's about to get even colder. NASA researchers are planning to create the coldest spot in the known universe inside the international space station. We're going to study matter at temperatures far below anything found naturally says rob Thompson of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He's the project scientist for nesses cold Adam lab. When atomic refrigerator slated for lunch to the space station in 2016. We aim to push effective temperatures down to 100 Pico Calvin. 100 Pico Kelvin is just 110 billionths of a degree above absolute 0 ...

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