AD #2289 – GM Korea Feels the Pressure, Mercedes Reveals New AMG G-Class, EVs Still Face Cost Challenges

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- GM Wants Major Cost Reductions in Korea - F1 Halo vs. IndyCar Windshield - Mercedes-Benz Unveils New AMG G-Class - Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Slightly Refreshed - Toyota Teases New Sports Car Concept - Tesla Model 3 Interior Impressions - EVs Still Face Cost Challenges

On today's show GM is pulling out of operations around the world now south Koreans feeling the pressure receding shows off the performance version of the new G. class and we'll tell you why batteries may not replace the internal combustion engine in the next 40 years. All that more coming right up online. This is not a line daily show dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. General Motors is retrenching worldwide from money losing operations and so far it sold off its operations in Europe stop manufacturing cars in Australia Russia Indonesia Thailand and South Africa and stop selling cars in India now South Korea is in its crosshairs writers reports it lost 1.$8000000000 there over the last 3 years in GM will close one of its 4 assembly plants in South Korea ...

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