Photo History – Class 2 – History Survey Part 1

published 7 years ago by Jeff Curto

Class session #2 is the first part of a two-part overview of the history of photography; a sort of “condensed” history in order to get a sense of the medium’s “who, what, when and where.” This week, we cover from 1800 B.C. to 1888 A.D. Slides for this class session Handout for this class session … Continue reading Photo History – Class 2 – History Survey Part 1 →

Is professor of photography Jeff Curto and welcome. Class session number 2 of history of photography. This class session is the first part of a 2 part survey. The objective being to kind of build a skeletal idea of. Who did what and when they did it how they accomplished it. Today in this particular class session covering. From the time well before photography. Through about the 18 eighties. We'll pick up with the rest of the survey in the next class session. So here we are joining our class in progress. Today's class. Here's my deal. Today and next week we're going to race through the entire history of photography at breakneck speed. Today we're doing from about 1800 BCE to about 18 a ...

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