109: Snapshot 14w03b!

published 6 years ago by GeekGamer.TV

Fresh back from the CES 2014 trip and Mojang released two new snapshots! We cover those PLUS the top Minecraft News of the Week, a CRAZY pack picks segment, Server Showcase and of course, YOUR Questions!

Nmsiis week on the big show we cover the latest new additions to the snapshot will also cover some interesting tactics home and my head starts third and also an awesome server showcase all that the news your questions and much more might grab me is next. This is my craft me. Show that is about my. We'll bring you some of the most awesome. A Taurus on the internet. Reviews of bots and pack peaks that you can use for my play. We take lots of adventures. All with Jason Joe. By grant me is brought to you by the key given a TV ad for the roku you can watch all the back episodes of my crap ...

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