AD #1289 – EV Growth Rate Slowing, 2015 Audi Q3, VW Reveals Off-Road Beetle

published 7 years ago by John McElroy

- Nissan Looks to Double LEAF Sales - EV Growth Rate Strong, But Slowing - 2015 Audi Q3 - VW Reveals Off-Road Beetle - Autoline This Week Preview

Although lying daily is brought to you by BorgWarner feel good about driving. Bridgestone your journey our passion and by Dow automotive systems improving durability and increasing design flexibility with beta make structural and he serves at tao beta Hello and welcome to a brand new Ottoline daily TGIF I'm Sean mac right filling in for Chad today but now let's take a look at the top stories. Nissan announced pricing for the leaf will go up slightly and. A 14. The base price is now just under $30000 including destination charges. Which is about $180 more than last year. There's not a whole lot new for 2014 a backup cameras now standard students available in the new color last year Nissan slash the price of the leaf bikes over $6000 to help boost sales and it sure did help ...

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