Intraoperative TEE of the Month - January 2014

published 7 years ago by Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

Atrial Septal Defect

This is doctor Julie Huff Meyer with our opening anesthesia intra operative T. E. case of the month for January 2014. Each month we feature inoperative case which teachers are emphasizes an important aspect of basic entropic of T. E.. Our patient this month is a 33 year old otherwise healthy woman who presents with shortness of breath and pre syncope. Her primary care physician noted a heart murmur and a trans thoracic echocardiogram done 6 months ago at an outside hospital revealed normal left ventricular function normal valvular function a picture frame in a valley with right to left shunting right ventricular dilation and estimated pulmonary artery pressures of 55 millimeters of mercury. She had no intervention at that time but now presents to our hospital with worsen shortness of breath and fatigue. Her trans a soft geo echo cardiogram a couple of weeks prior to surgery noted a large atrial septal defect or a S. ...

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