Acne and Milk – William F. Danby MD

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This video interview is on Acne and Milk with William Danby MD and was recorded at the 2013 Summer SDPA Conference in St. Louis.

Midair cast my name's chin now and I'm here with doctor bill dandy welcome doctor thank you very much we're so honored to have you here especially right after your recent lecture on acne and milk what can you tell us about the connection between acne and milk. Well milk contains a number of things. Interact with the. Male hormone wrist. In our oil glands. Anything that. Makes a. The whole unit. Turned on by the hormones that are present. And dairy products. And. The problem is that not only are the hormones in there but there are other materials in the milk. That actually will open up the receptor to let those hormones in. So it's a double header. The receptor is opened and the higher ones are there. And that is what makes babies grow. And it also is what makes acne grow. Is that ...

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