Mark Arnold & Will Gragido, InfoSecWorld 2018 - Paul's Security Weekly #546

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Will Gragido is an internationally recognized information security specialist. Mark Arnold brings more than 20 years of technical and leadership experience to his role as a Senior Director of Security and Compliance and CISO at Navisite. They join Paul and crew this week for the feature interview! Full Show Notes: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter:

This week where's my camera up high Hey this is Paul this week we've got a fantastic interview with a couple of folks that would be speaking at the infosec World Conference coming up. We'll gradual I say that right yet you know you guys heights gradual and mark Arnold will be here discussing the topic for their talk which is going to have to stay tuned to find out all the fun things they'll be talking about I think we'll have a technical segment at least we'll discuss a technical segment in maybe a meditech fickle segment about the testing for the murder attack framework using call dera then in the security news the smart vibrators more smart vibrators that can be hacked subway and elevated subway elevator movie plots big point exchange was robbed and not the way that you might think. Cetina Mariah MRI machines are hacked which is no big surprise there imagine things ...

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