AD #2280 – Samsung Shows Off Auto Technology, Hyundai Teases New Santa Fe, Global Sales Grow In 2017

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Global Sales Grow In 2017 - Harley Closes Plant, Confirms Electric Bike - Samsung Shows Off Auto Technology - Hyundai Teases New Santa Fe - Tesla Model 3 Engineering Issues

On today's show Hyundai gives a glimpse of the new Santa Fe Samsung shows off new automotive technology and we take a look at more of the issues men rowing associates discovered on the Tesla model 3 on that more coming right up on moneyline. This is not a line daily show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. While car sales dipped slightly last year in the US automakers had a pretty good year on a global basis according to ward's auto sales of light medium and heavy duty vehicles hit 96 0 units in 2017 a gain of about 3 percent compared to the year before. Sales in North America reached 21 0.2000000 vehicles which is a slight drop but it was the only region where sales Fallon 2017 sales in Asia top 45 0 units which is a gain of 4 percent ...

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