AD #2278 – Porsche Is On A Mission E, Munro Tears Into A Tesla, Daytona 24 Sets New Record

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- German Automakers Accused of Testing on Humans - California Wants to Boost EV Spending - Ford Earns Peanuts in China - Porsche Is On A Mission E - Mercedes Electrifies Commercial Vans - Daytona 24 Sets New Record - Munro Tears Into A Tesla

On today's show German automakers are rocked by accusations of testing exhaust emissions on monkeys in humans. We've got more details on porches mission electric car and we'll show you some never seen before details and tassels model 3 on that more common right now online daily. This is not a line daily the voice of the automotive industry. The German diesel scandal will not go away The New York Times reports that Volkswagen BMW and Daimler commission experiments on monkeys exposing them to diesel fumes as if that was not bad enough a report from Germany revealed that the same group perform similar tasks on humans about 25 people had to breed diesel exhaust during a study conducted by Achen university in Germany the university defended the trial and said it was a pre ...

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