Dateline S2013 Ep30 - Finding Farah

published 6 years ago by SBS Television

What happened to baby Farah from our powerful 2010 story on Iraqi children born with deformities? Fouad Hady returns to find out.

Welcome back. 2000 and head in the often both of the Iraq war throughout hardy was in Baghdad reporting on the dramatic rise in though the number of disfigured babies being born doctors debated whether depleted uranium used in bombs and bullets during the conflict may have been the cools. One of the babies featured in that award winning report with little faro throughout has never forgotten the severely disabled child and he recently returned to Iraq to try and find out what happened to have his story. Uhhuh cities I shouldn't a Yang disfigure baby gear abandoned at the hospital near he. The memory of that fourth child. It's hard to ever since and I need ...

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